Modes of Treatment

ED Hierarchy Treatment.001

Figuring out what all the abbreviations online stood for (IP, PHP, etc.) always confused me. I barely understood my treatment options. I could be hospitalized, or go away to a tropical treatment facility, or I could simply see my nutritionist. A little consultation with an expert from MEDA gave me a slightly better picture of the treatment hierarchy. This is a graphic I made to represent that information, in case anyone else is as confused as I was.

  • A hierarchical presentation is not meant to demonstrate the relative efficacy of treatments.

  • A hierarchical presentation is not meant to demonstrate the relative number of participants in each treatment type.

  • Examples of what might be involved in each type of treatment is not fully inclusive of all options within a particular mode of treatment.

  • These are not all the options for treatment. They are merely some of the most common and some which I have seen discussed widely online.

  • The level of treatment does not necessarily correlate with the weight threshold of different disorder patterns. For example, there are many people of many different weights in different levels of treatment. The misconception that IP is only for low-weight anorexics or bulimics is false, as is the myth that underweight individuals cannot participate successfully in OP.

Figuring out whether to engage in different methods of formal treatment for an eating disorder is challenging. Consult my Resources page for places to look for guidance.



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